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POWER SUPPLY: A Force In Gensets


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OVER the years Cape Town-based MTU South Africa, a subsidiary of Tognum Group company, has been successful in positioning itself as a reliable industry supplier in the power generation and mining sectors in southern Africa. With years of experience as supplier of engines, complete propulsion and power systems to the market, the company significantly contributes to the industry by constantly improving their products and services.

MTU has an extensive product range which includes the diesel and gas gensets in the range of 250 – 3.300 kVA. With this range, the customer receives a broad power variety out of one engine family. Customers like Telkom, Vodacom and MTN rely on MTU engines as an emergency back-up supplier for their data centres and other energy critical facilities. In contrast to this emergency application, MTU engines also provide a continuous power supply to operations all over Africa.

MTU also plays a significant role in the mining sector providing the mines with effective emergency back-up power for their operations. Mine operators request state of the art technology with the best fuel consumption and reliability in rough environments. MTU supplies various mines in Sub Saharan Africa in the following applications:

Electric propulsion systems for heavy mine dump trucks

Engines for Power Stations in the region of 5 – 100 MW

Specialised applications such as motivators (Gensets for heavy load equipment, i.e. excavators).

As a testament to MTU’s innovation and its role in the development of new technologies, MTU Onsite Energy received a Gold Award in the sixth annual Product of the Year competition for its diesel-powered genset based on the all-new MTU Series 1600 engine,” says Philipp von Arnim, MTU SA’s sales manager for MTU Onsite Energy.

In 2008, MTU SA showed true innovation when they received the first order for the 20V4000 engine range with a power output of up to 3.3 MVA. Previously, the power range for high speed diesel engines in gensets was limited to approx 2 MVA within South African power generation specialists. End customers as well as OEMs rely on large single engines rather than synchronising smaller sets with the MTU 20V4000 engine being the engine of choice when it comes to large scale power requirements.

Being aware of trends and developments within the industry, MTU focused on engine emission optimisation where engines had to prove their capability of offering the best fuel consumption in recent years. Von Arnim adds that “larger consumers are becoming more concerned about their carbon footprint and this has an impact on the operation and capabilities of the respective gensets”. MTU engines, with special software, can alter the requirement from fuel optimised engines to emission optimised engines. Emission values that can be achieved are in line with current standards, such as the German TA Luft (50 HZ) and the American EPA Tier 2 (60 Hz). “We predict that by 2015, the majority of MTU engines for power generation in South Africa will be sold in accordance with its emission regulations”, says von Arnim.

New models will be released in South Africa later this year, including the 6R1600 with 250 – 300 kWm output.

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