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SHIPPING: Cape Town Terminal Wins Award


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The Cape Town Container Terminal, operated by Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), was nominated to compete in the Productivity South Africa (SA) Regional Awards and has won the regional award in the Public Sector category.

Productivity SA is an organization that promotes the productivity of South African Enterprises. Through its regional and national awards, excellent productivity in the Public, Corporate and Emerging Sectors is encouraged.

The Cape Town team has risen above all odds to produce high levels of productivity whilst continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations,” says Velile Dube, TPT’s Acting Chief Operations Officer – Container Sector.

According to Dube, during the past two financial years, ending March 2011, the terminal had made great strides in overcoming operational challenges that were presented by a number of factors. These factors include the integration of a new operational system, Navis, and the implementation of a five year expansion project valued at R5.4billion that entails reconfiguration of stacks, an upgrade of berths and equipment conversion. These investment initiatives were rolled out with a robust change management strategy to provide support to the terminal’s human capital.

During the commencement of the expansion project in 2008 and the integration of Navis in 2009, the Cape Town Container Terminal saw a drastic decline in productivity levels. The terminal ended its financial years of 2009/10 and 2010/11, with its gross crane moves per hour (GCH) on 21.6 and 25 GCH, ship working hours (SWH) on 37 and 46 moves including a truck turnaround time of 27 and 31.9 minutes respectively.

Year to date, the productivity levels are indicating 29 GCH, 56.6 SWH and 31.8 TTT against targets of 26GCH, 44SWH and 35TTT. The annual targets are set by Transnet SOC Limited and its shareholders.

An increase in performance of 34% in GCH and 23% in SWH has thus far been realised from 2009/10 to date.

GCH is the common measure of productivity in the container handling business. It is a crucial factor in container shipping, which requires fast and efficient movement of containers by crane operators to reduce the overall cost of doing business. SWH is the number of containers that have been moved by the number of cranes working on the vessel in one hour. It is a key performance indicator for customers.

Last year the terminal’s performance stabilised and we are now witnessing the performance rate at times exceeding performance indicator targets. This bears testimony to the importance of a committed workforce including customer and stakeholder collaboration,” says Dube.

As winners of the Western Cape Regional Award in the Public Sector category, the Cape Town Container Terminal is entered in the National Awards which will take place in October 2011.

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