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POWER SUPPLY: Intelligent Solar Outdoor Lights


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THE advantages of solar lighting for streets and public areas is that no cabling is required for installation and there is no power consumption. Thus installation and running costs are reduced.

One disadvantage has been that the solar panels and batteries are stolen for use elsewhere.

The new self-contained Solar Courtyard/Street lights from AC/DC Dynamics are totally self contained. They mount on a mast, pole or wall.

The PV solar panel is built in to the top of the fitting and the batteries are securely contained within the fitting.

No external solar panel, no external battery box and no interconnecting cables are required.

Solar Courtyard / Street Lights are an intelligent outdoor lighting system newly released by AC/DC Dynamics.

It combines high efficiency solar panel, controller, human infrared sensor, high- capacity lithium battery and LED lighting into a compact and secure housing.

This fully self contained fitting can mount onto a wall, such as the side of a building, or onto a mast or pole.

These are excellent for Eco estates or any new residential or business estate. They reduce infrastructure cost; there are no cable trenches to be dug or cables to be laid, no DBs or street lighting minisubs required.

They reduce maintenance costs with long lamp life and no electricity consumption. For Eco estates, these align perfectly to their core values.

Solar light captures the maximum source energy from sun during daytime and use this energy during the night for illumination, says Tino Silva of AD/DC in Paarden Eiland.

These self contained solar street lights combine a highly efficient solar panel which is connected to a high capacity lithium battery that powers the PIR sensor and the two-stage super bright LED light source.

It’s extremely versatile, light weight and is perfect for worldwide weather conditions as it captures the maximum energy from the sun.

It offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution to illuminate areas where it is difficult and expensive to install conventional mains powered lighting.

A daylight sensor turns the light on to illuminate the area for night time. When a car or person approaches the fitting, the movement sensor changes the light output to extra hi-bright to increase the illumination.

An adjustable timer maintains the hi-bright output for a period of time after there is no further movement.

Besides the features of the integrated design, portability and easy installation, it has a graceful aesthetic form with a robust and secure construction which supports the user’s personalized application requirements and creates a suitable application experience, according to Silva.

The two stage lighting feature provides adequate light when no one is near, super hi-bright light when motion is detected while saving energy to prolong available light hours from one daytime charge.

The new AC/DC Dynamics LED solar street lights come in power sizes of 5, 8 or 10W.

With one daytime charge, the illumination time from in normal light mode is 30 hours and in super hi-bright mode it is 17 hours.

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