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CONSTRUCTION: The Various Facets Of Betts Townsend


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AS a multi-disciplinary company, Betts Townsend is much more than a project management firm. It can take a green fields project, for example, and assist with development management, construction, programme management, through to procurement and logistics management. It will even assist a client with tenant coordination.

For example, Betts Townsend can offer a development management function in the case where the client body does not facilitate this function in-house.

It is common for Betts Townsend to be mutually charged with the development management role as well as the project management function in order to assist clientele who do not have a development manager in-house. With an overlap of duties the company can facilitate this function with a direct cost saving to client.

Its function allows for assisting the client with feasibility mapping, leasing team appointment, procurement of the upfront consulting team and developing the broad framework of a development master plan and deliverables envisaged in which the professional team will report on and on which the principle agent will then interpret and ensure the professional team delivers upon.

Under a construction management form of contract, Betts Townsend partners with its clients, acting in their interest and managing every element of a project, from programme to cost.

It has built a solid reputation on construction management services and continues to maintain an unassailable, market leading position in delivering top quality construction management projects.

The company aims to deliver projects in a transparent, collaborative and mutually beneficial manner. As a risk-sharing, professional form of contract, construction management offers the client maximum flexibility with minimum penalties.

It chooses to maintain construction project management as one of its core businesses because the approach is so embedded within the company culture. It’s an all-encompassing service that introduces fresh thinking and collaboration from the start and, as such, embodies the values that define Betts Townsend.

Programme management is the manner in which Betts Townsend is tasked to deliver high level planning and execution deliverables of the phased development. Milestone identification is key to a successful project and resources are assigned in this manner to ensure that project stages are delivered on time in accordance with the master programme design at the outset of the project.

Its multi-disciplinary wide ranging hands-on sector experience allows for the resource pool to design and deliver based on ‘on the ground experience’. Project management programmes allows for tracking of multiple projects, in turn ensuring that the entire project team can track the necessary deliverables across regions at any point in time. A virtual upload is constantly tracked so no matter where or when project deliverables can be downloaded they are reviewed and acted upon.


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