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MATERIALS HANDLING: Food For Thought At Garon Foods


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Flexible Conveyor Systems (FCS), appointed as the official distributor of Flexlink, recently received a second order from Cape Town specialist seafood delicatessen, Garon Foods, to streamline a conveyor system to move products through to dispatch.

Flexlink’s flexible, reliable conveyor systems are widely and successfully used by food and beverage, packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics and other industries worldwide and the first order from Garon Foods requested FCS to streamline production and packaging of a food product that requires special cooling before sealing.

Garon Foods, founded 19 years ago in Cape Town as a family owned seafood delicatessen supplying a range of products to two of South Africa’s leading super market chains, expanded into a major supplier of a range of superior quality products packaged exclusively for one of South Africa’s most prominent gourmet food chains. In 2006, Garon Foods moved the brand specific food lines into a new, purpose built factory solely for the production and packaging of frozen and party foods, deli seafood, primal or raw fish, long life products, as well as several other seafood lines for the gourmet chain.

FCS recommended and installed a Flexlink Alpine chiller, which is, according to Garon Foods, delivering on every front: “We are not only saving time compared to the previous manual process, but the system also frees our staff to attend to other duties in the factory”, explains Garon Food Technologist, Ruan Brits. “This environmentally friendly production line has reduced our electricity bills as it only requires a small window through which to convey the product, allowing the cold store doors to remain closed for longer periods and resulting in temperatures being sustained at constant levels”. Ruan adds that Garon Foods made the right decision and will never regret investing in a FlexLink conveyor as it meets all requirements spot on.

Owners and food technologists, Garry and Sharon Rae, are committed to streamlining the factory as growth is so rapid that what’s in today may have to be moved to tomorrow. The factory area is limited so the floor space has to be used optimally. “This quality system is completely flexible and so versatile that it can be easily broken up and rebuilt. Because of all these advantages, we had no hesitation in requesting FCS to extend the length of the Flexlink conveyor in order to convey products across the length of the despatch area and through the metal detector”, says Ruan.


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