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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Flexibility In Packaging


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SUCCESS in today’s food and beverage packaging market is a combination of supply chain efficiency, looking great on the shelf and creating a positive, memorable and convenient experience for the end consumer.

Flexible packaging is a packaging format meeting all these objectives and offering many additional benefits too. In fact, if one looks at the ever-increasing variety of products going to market in innovative forms of flexible packaging, there is no question that flexible packaging is driving change and improving many methods of packaging. One supplier driving that change is Nampak Flexible, Africa’s leading producer of flexible packaging such as pouches, sachets, bags and more.

Supplied in reel or pre-made format, Nampak Flexible’s self-standing pouches - which are great for standing on retail shelves - are used for a wide variety of household favourite products including olives, nuts, sauces and even liquid detergents. The added options on these pouches make them handy and include punched handles for carrying heavier products, tear notches for easy opening, weld spouts for pouring liquids and powders, resealable zippers, and even punched holes for retailing.

As a leading part of its offering, Nampak Flexible also offers retort pouches - a process that uses heat and pressure to cook food in robust flat and stand up formats. Because the packaging is far less bulky than traditional cans and jars, foods cook faster, providing a better tasting product for customers. Nampak Flexible’s retort pouches are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration – one of their biggest pluses, making them a strong alternative to the traditional can. For brand owners and retailers, retort pouches are lighter and less expensive to transport, adding cost effectiveness to the supply chain.

With Nampak Flexible’s Ndabeni plant’s R14 million investment in a state-of-the-art Totani machine, the flexible packaging supplier is also in the unique position of being able to manufacture quad-seal bags and pouches with flat block-bottom bases. This ensures excellent presentation on-shelf, especially for high-volume, lightweight products.

Sachets are smaller than pouches, but highly effective when it comes to single servings, sachets are another of Nampak Flexible’s technical competencies. Sachets are generally flat and have four perimeter seals which are more than suitable for products like fast food condiments, single-serve packing of coffee, sugar, creamers and tea whiteners. Stick packs are also being used in retail packs of coffee and single serve instant coffees. For added convenience, Nampak Flexible’s sachets are supplied in reel form to the packer, for automatic form fill seal applications.

In addition to pouches and sachets, Nampak Flexible specialises in the manufacture of liquid packaging bags and is the market leader in this highly sophisticated sector. The high barrier laminated liquid bags bring ease of use and convenience to the beverage market and are perfect for bag-in-box wines, as well as bag-no-box applications. Available in sizes from 1 litre to 210 litres, the liquid packaging bags benefit major market segments including wine, fruit juice, and even oil products.

Nampak Flexible’s aseptic bags are about as unique as packaging products get on the South African market and consist of specialised constructions to aseptically preserve a large variety of products. These aseptic bags are suitable for steam sterilisation and cold sterilisation, and are a perfect holding package for storing and transporting a variety of fruit or vegetable purées and juices to which customers do not wish to add preservatives. As part of an exclusive agreement with Aran packaging, world leaders in aseptic packaging, Nampak Flexible has the capacity to produce high-quality aseptic bags locally, satisfying the complex supply needs of many seasonal customers.

For stronger branding and on-shelf appeal Nampak Flexible offers a wide range of printing capabilities, including Gravure and Flexographic printing in up to eight colours on any form of film, paper or foil laminations. Amongst many certifications, Nampak Flexible is also a BRC (British Retail Consortium) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified supplier, meaning that customers can expect the highest quality. The company’s BRC accreditation is especially important for customers wanting to export to European markets where BRC is a stringent requirement for entry.

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