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MANAGEMENT: Managers Out Of Depth


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New research shows that most new managers are out of their depth when entering management positions.

New research done by Development Dimensions International, a global talent management expert with 1,000 associates in 42 offices in 26 countries, found that most managers surveyed don’t know what it takes to succeed and weren’t actually ready for what their jobs entailed. The Finding the First Rung – A study on the challenges facing today’s frontline leader research surveyed over a thousand supervisors and first level managers to understand the challenges to success they face.

The major findings were that 42% of new managers don’t know what it takes to succeed, 89% have at least one blind spot, only one in ten leaders were groomed for their positions, half took the promotion for an increase in compensation and only 23% of these professionals wanted to lead others. And yet 86% of these business leaders felt they were still good enough for the job.

According to Jenny Carter, director of the New Managers Programme at the UCT GSB, arrogance is one of the warning signs that a new manager is struggling. Other tell tale signs include failing to admit mistakes and going on a power-trip. In addition, she says, many new managers who come on the GSB programme lack a basic management toolkit and don’t know how to get the best out of the people they are managing. These are all issues that can be addressed by a good management development programme, she adds.

As well as teaching the fundamentals of management and an understanding of key functional areas such as finance, marketing and operations, the GSB New Managers Programme focuses extensively on personal mastery, building confidence and learning how to influence others,” she says.

Carter adds that there are other spin offs for organisations who invest in developing new managers. “Mary Corbitt Clark, Executive Director of Winning Workplaces, discussed in a recent editorial, the importance of manager training and development,” says Carter. “Corbitt Clark points out that organizations that are growing, or are working to develop a culture to support future growth, discover that investment in training for managerial roles pays off in other ways as well. First-line managers touch more employees than any other single role, influencing the productivity and success of individuals and teams where the work gets done. The data that Winning Workplaces has collected in workplace assessments demonstrates again and again that managers at the lowest levels have the most powerful impact on how employees perceive their jobs and the organization as a whole. Good first-line managers help retain employees.”

The New Managers Programme will run from 22 May to 3 June.

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