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BUILDING: Inca's 'Green' Efforts


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LONG before there was a green/environmental awareness in the country Cape Town-based Inca was founded for this purpose it says. It was formerly known as Calsica and started in 1972 with its main purpose to work away Peak Quarry waste materials i.e. dust.

Most people are not aware when a crushing operation crushes stone that the waste product produced is actually dust. Inca is currently situated on a quarry area within a couple of hundred metres of this source.

Inca was one of the first brick plants that owned it’s own recycling plant and today have standing agreements with clients to work away some of their waste products up to 150 km away from Inca’s existing plant. (Few people can process this kind of waste, which is very toxic to the environment.)

Last year the company expanded its plant’s capacity at a cost of over R3 million and is currently processing over 100 000 tons of material annually. It also has a sand source from Macassar which is within 10 km range of the plant, thus reducing the carbon emissions of heavy vehicle transport. Inca says it is the only plant in the country that runs a KVM machine that can use 100% recycled aggregate and produces an eco-friendly low embodied energy brick/block. It can deliver the product within three days and this means less stock holding.

With regard to energy consumption, emissions, waste water and CO2 generation; fly ash, slag cement, and silica fume are industrial by-products and their use as a partial replacement for Portland cement significantly reduces the energy and CO2 impacts of cement in concrete and lowers fuel consumption.

If not used in concrete, these materials would use valuable landfill space. Fly ash, slag cement and silica fume replacements can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45%. Inca was also the first brick operator that started to run slag trails on its calcium silicate plant and today it is the biggest users of slag in the brick industry. It also only uses bore-hole water which has less strain on Western Cape’s scares water resources. All excess water is cleaned and recycled back into the environment.

Inca says it is committed to a healthy environment and its aim is to manufacture the highest quality concrete masonry products available in an environmentally sound manner, striving to create products that provide exceptional durability, recyclability, and low maintenance with minimal impact on the environment.

Inca Concrete’s membership to the Green Building Council is currently in process.

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