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BUILDING: City Receives Housing Accreditation


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The City of Cape Town has recently been awarded Housing Accreditation from National Government, a move which will see the City have more control over housing delivery in Cape Town.

The City’s Housing Directorate will now be responsible for the administration and approval process of housing projects. The City has overcome the first hurdle in a long process to increase the efficiency of housing delivery.

The accreditation of a municipality entails the National Government progressively delegating and assigning certain clearly defined functions in respect of the administration of national human settlement and housing programmes to the municipality.

The City will still receive funding for housing projects from Provincial Government, but will control all other processes, including quality control and monitoring of housing projects. For the beneficiaries of housing projects it means that any problems would be dealt with in a consolidated manner by the City.

The rationale behind this move towards accreditation is rooted in the Constitution and lies within the logic of good and cooperative governance, as well as the promotion of a developmental local government that responds to the needs of citizens.

In order to effectively address the severe housing crisis in South Africa it is essential that all three spheres of government with the cooperation of the private sector work together. The accreditation will assist in making this collaborative effort work more smoothly.

Municipal accreditation seeks to enhance the abilities of municipalities to:

·         Plan for and provide effective and integrated urban management

·         Offer a more holistic and effective response to human settlements and housing demand in towns and cities

·         Improve forward planning owing to predictable funding flows

·         Facilitate integrated planning

·         Accelerate human settlements development and improving the quality of household life

There a number of benefits that accreditation brings to its residents, which includes, among others:

·         Municipalities will be able to accelerate integrated human settlements and housing delivery as they are implementing locally developed project implementation plans

·         It will improve funding certainty to plan and implement human settlements and housing projects and programmes, based on localised needs assessments

·         Transparency in communicating local development plans to the communities will be promoted

·         It will encourage value-adding private sector partnerships with municipalities

·         A coherent response to community housing and human settlements needs will be created



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