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ENGINEERING: Machine-Shop To Ship Project


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PAARDEN EILAND-based Onsite Machining Services was recently called on to assist Elgin Brown & Hamer, Namibia with the repair of a 75 metre crane boom from the barge ‘Acergy Hawk’. OMS’ Walvis Bay facilities were tasked with the job.

The scope of work was to machine six sets of four flange faces square to the centre line of the boom section frames, all within 0.3mm and also to within 0.3 of the flatness of each other by ‘insitu milling’ thereafter to jig and drill the flanges. This type of precision work would normally only be able to be done by an overseas company at a huge dollar cost.

The 40mm by 500mm diameter flanges were welded and positioned by Elgin Brown & Hamer to the longitudinal main chord sections, thereafter the insitu milling equipment was positioned precisely using a micro optical telescope, viewing through a 90° prism and sweeping across the four flanges. “OMS accomplished the project well within manufacturers specifications and precision requirements,” says MD Keith Ascott-Evans.

The pre-fabricated drilling jig was then set to the flanges A and drilled through and again through the opposite side of the jig to matching flanges B making a perfect bolt hole mating and facing match.

Working outside in the burning sun and being hampered by blinding sandstorms, the anticipated two week job eventually took four weeks to complete.

While OMS was busy on the boom, its subsidiary K & M Laser was busy aligning the four, right angle, thruster gearboxes to both the engines and thrusters simultaneously, as the owners did not want to re-chock the engines, but block and shimed, which was contrary to normal practice.

Ascot-Evans says his company is ideally situated to provide onsite and insitu machining for the marine industry along the entire African coastline and to provide these essential 24-hour services to the industrial sector in Africa.

We specialise in taking your machine-shop to ship and our equipment and machining are of internationally accepted standards, with specialized training completed in Europe, enabling us to ensure that our clients receive only the best professional quality service, guaranteed to manufacturers specifications,” he says.

This ensures production downtime savings and because we have the ability to act at short notice, equipment is not out of commission for long periods of time. We come to you: our portable onsite and in-situ machining equipment can be airlifted anywhere in the world.”

He points out that when clients, by having equipment refurbished rapidly in the field, money is saved on production delays and on the transport costs of moving large heavy equipment off site for machining.

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