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INFRASTRUCTURE: More Power To George


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ACTOM Power Transformers has designed, manufactured and supplied its first large Eskom spec autotransformer – a 120 MVA unit – which is to be installed in George Municipality’s new 132 kV/66 kV/11 kV Schaapkop main intake substation currently under construction.

The autotransformer underwent final tests at Actom Power Transformers’ plant in October 2010 and was delivered to site in November.

Actom Power Systems is responsible for the construction of the new substation, having been awarded a R65 million turnkey contract for this by BDE Consulting Engineers of George on behalf of George Municipality at the beginning of 2009.

Other Actom companies supplying equipment for Schaapkop, which will augment main power supply to George currently provided by the 132 kV/66 kV Blanco substation, are Actom High Voltage Equipment and Actom MV Switchgear.

Our production of this first 120 MVA Eskom spec autotransformer for Schaapkop represents an important milestone for us, as it is by far the largest autotransformer we have produced so far – the previous largest being 40 MVA units,” says Ronnie Russell, Actom Power Transformers’ general manager.

An important spinoff of this is that it enhances our standing with Eskom in securing orders for similar autotransformers in the future.”

The autotransformer for Schaapkop incorporates a 10 MVA 11 kV tertiary winding as backup supply for new residential and commercial developments in George in the vicinity of the new substation, as well as for additional supply of power to an established regional sewerage works and recently completed sewerage water recycling plant nearby.

The Schaapkop substation, due for completion this month, comprises two 132 kV incomer bays, which are designed to accommodate up to three power transformers eventually, as well as 15 x 66 kV feeder bays, two 66 kV bus section bays and two 66 kV bus coupler bays. Initially a temporary supply will be routed to the substation while the upstream Eskom infrastructure is constructed.

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