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WAREHOUSING: Maximising Space At New Warehouse


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CAPE TOWN-based Barpro Storage has recently completed a Storax mobile racking installation at Prosperita Commercial Coldstore, a company based in Windhoek, Namibia.

From starting off with a cold store layout for 2 028 pallets in phase one and 2 838 pallets in phase two, Barpro Storage and PCCS were able, by fully using the store volume, to increase the final capacity to 4 300 pallets.

Although this meant minor adjustments to the internal the store height and several other changes, the additional capacity will prove the store’s economic viability. As Barpro’s James Cunningham says, “In these days of steadily rising costs, to be able to increase a cold store’s final capacity by 50 % at little extra cost can only help the bottom line.” Hilko Marschall MD who has been planning this cold store for several years, is happy with the results and hopes to install phase two shortly. “Installing mobiles was new to us,” he says, “but Barpro really helped in every aspect, and their installation team was quick and efficient. Managing a construction site with various subcontractors, it was an absolute pleasure to see an organised company on the property.”

The Prosperitas Cold Store has been designed to allow the mobile bases to be installed in several phases. The first phase included the installation of the Storax rails, two Storax bases and normal selective fixed racking from Palian (Cape). The Palian racking was designed to fit on Storax mobiles at a later stage. The racking was also fitted with pallet support beams which are placed between the load beams and support each pallet front to back under the central bearer. As pallets inevitably get damaged, the pallet support beam especially at the higher pallet levels reduces the possible damage should a pallet break. The pallet supports, when a different colour to the rack loading beams, also assist reach truck drivers to place pallets as the front lip hooks over the load beams and is visible from the floor.

The Storax mobiles supplied by Barpro Storage have another feature which is becoming extremely popular - aisle light control. This feature turns the lights on only in the open moving aisle. PM Sytems, another Cape based company, working in conjunction with Barpro Storage, supplied the cold room lights. These were specially developed to save on electricity usage and won PM Systems a Green Supply Chain award in 2009. Studies have shown that the use of aisle light control and energy efficient lights can save up to 85% on lighting energy requirements, which is split between the energy required for the lights themselves and the additional energy used by the refrigeration system to remove the heat they introduce into the cold store.

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