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PACKAGING: Pallet-Free Bulk Bag Improved


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TELLAP, manufacturers of pallet-free bulk bag systems, has teamed up with local box and container specialists, Conceptainer, to produce the specialised plastic sleeves which form part of the bag. Conceptainer will also market and distribute the Tellap system in South Africa.
“Tellap is an environmentally-friendly pallet-free bulk bag, designed for the efficient and secure packaging, storage and transportation of dry, loose and bulk products. This innovative system integrates two lightweight plastic sleeves into a polypropylene bulk bag, replacing the conventional wooden pallet with a totally recyclable design,” says Jonathan Johnstone, managing director of Conceptainer. “Tellap has made a substantial investment in the development of a new, custom-designed, high speed machine for Conceptainer to manufacture the plastic sleeves which are inserted into each polypropylene bulk bag. A second high speed machine is currently in production to enable Tellap to meet growing demand for this system.” 
These pallet-free bulk bags, which are ideal for high value chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural seeds and grains, as well as food commodities and ingredients, do not require fumigation or heat treating which is necessary for conventional external pallets.”
A regular wooden pallet weighs about 25 kg, while each Tellap sleeve weighs only 1.5 kg, which means freight and disposal costs are reduced. These bags, which are rack compliant, also offer improved space utilisation in warehousing, rail cars and trucks. They can be stacked three high in a container or four high in a warehouse and can be safely loaded and unloaded by one forklift operator.
This system, which has specialised protective tine guards, allows standard forklifts to lift bags securely from their base sleeves or top loops, reducing the chance of damage. There is also no need for an additional worker to hook the bag onto the forklift. Sleeves increase safety, efficiency and stability. Another important feature is that Tellap pallet-free bulk bags ensure a clean and safe environment - an important advantage in packaging, transport and storage, the company claims.

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