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FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Measurement Has Come a Long Way


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MEASUREMENT in the food, beverage and wine industry has come a long way since the grocer’s scale and the baker’s dozen. Modern food processing is a high-tech arena, utilising state-of-the-art process instrumentation for weighing, packaging and counting.

Gerry Bryant, managing director of Countapulse Controls, tells Cape Business News that with the wide range of monitoring equipment available on the market today it is essential that companies develop a relationship with a reputable supplier to ensure that appropriate solutions are implemented.

Monitoring within the food, beverage and wine industries does provide certain challenges, however he says that difficult conditions do not exist, only unsuitable housings. Leuze Electronic through its 3B, 55 and 53 Series sensors has created a universal sensor platform with just the right housing to cope with all kinds of operating environments.

The new generation Leuze Electronic Series 3B sensor is compact, versatile, user-friendly and robust, and the range offers a number of features which differentiate even the smallest of the three available sizes from other comparable sensors on the market.

In addition to large operating ranges and improved performance reserves for reliable object detection, technologies such as Active Ambient Light Suppression (A2LS) or brightVision® have been incorporated in the Leuze Series 3B sensors to facilitate ease of use and fast commissioning.

The Leuze Series 3B sensor is ideal for applications where previously detection of objects may have been difficult and Bryant says this could include dusty environments or applications with high alignment tolerances or where detection of extremely small objects is required.

It offers 360° visibility of the indicator diodes and protection against manipulation is by means of a lockable button. Reliable performance and detection is assured as a result of the maximum performance reserve and the unit’s high extraneous light protection through the incorporation of A2LS. The sensors also boast energy savings through lower power consumption and are certified for protection classes IP 67 and IP 69K.

Bryant says another consideration where food, beverages and wine are produced, processed or packaged is the underlying requirement for plant and machinery to be designed to comply with stringent hygiene specifications.

Leuze recently launched a new series of sensors which feature a Wash-Down or a Hygiene design allowing these specialised sensors to withstand the increased frequency and intensity of specified cleaning and disinfection cycles. Both the Leuze Series 53 and Series 55 sensors feature a V4A stainless scalable housing which is particularly well suited to intensive cleaning with chemicals. The new sensors comply with the requirements of ECOLAB, IP67 and IP69K. In addition, the sensors are capable of operating in environments where there is exposure to higher temperatures such as where heavy duty disinfection cycles are implemented.

While both new sensor series are certified for operation in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage applications, the Leuze Series 53 is capable of withstanding exposure to gassing with hydrogen peroxide and 70% proof alcohol.

For applications which are subjected to intense cleaning cycles, or in areas where extensive soiling is part of the operation, the robust Leuze Series 46B photo-electric sensor offers high performance as well as a large operating range.

Protected to Class IP 67 and IP 69 and ECOLAB certified, the Leuze Series 46B sensors are ideal for use in harsh operating conditions including on processing and packaging lines. Installation and commissioning is simple and quick.

Equipped with brightVision, fast and easy alignment is possible through the use of a very bright light spot.

In addition, bright 360 degree visible indicator diodes facilitate full control of the sensing application and the sensor is suitable for operation in temperatures from minus 30 degrees to plus 60 degrees.

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