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SHIPPING: Cape Town Terminal's Dual Cycle Operation


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Transnet Port Terminals is aiming to further improve productivity and efficiency at its Cape Town Terminal with the implementation of Dual Cycle operations, where containers are discharged and loaded simultaneously from a vessel using ship-to-shore cranes.

Says Hector Danisa, TPT’s assistant terminal executive of the Western Province terminals, “This methodology involves planning the discharging and loading of containers on the same bay of the vessel. So, instead of finishing a discharge across the vessel before doing a load operation, this is done simultaneously.”

This internationally recognised practise lends itself to faster operation and savings by minimising minimum empty trips for both haulers and cranes. Shipping lines also enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, vessel turnaround time and efficiency.

Danisa said the challenges associated with Dual Cycle included identifying suitable vessels with an even split of exports and imports and ensuring they are planned properly to facilitate this type of work. In addition, resourcing the terminal appropriately for quicker productivity and smarter planning of the stack could become a challenge.

Dual Cycle was piloted at the Cape Town Terminal in early October as a collaborative initiative between TPT and shipping line Maersk. The terminal has since worked three vessels with the Dual Cycle operation, with the most recent being the Maersk Dryden vessel on 3 November.

The terminal achieved excellent performance on this vessel by reaching a GCH (container moves per gross crane hour) of 34 GCH and ship working hour (SWH) rate of 82 moves.

This represented a 41% improvement on the terminal’s average GCH of 24. SWH is the number of containers moved by the cranes working on a vessel in one hour, which is a key performance indicator for shipping lines to measure productivity.

Some glitches are expected in the initial period but the most important thing is that a new way of operation has been introduced and eventually only benefits can accrue from it,” said Dakalo Mboyi, Operations General Manager Maersk Western Cape.

She added that the productivity improvement and other initiatives witnessed in the last few months at the terminal had been “great.”

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