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TECHNOLOGY: Making Sand The Impact Way


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AN increasing number of quarries are turning to impact crushing technology to manufacture sand from rock. Now comminution solutions provider IMS Engineering has raised the bar with the introduction of a next generation Hazemag horizontal shaft hard rock sand impactor.

An upgrade of the market-leading AP-KV series, the new Hazemag AP-KVH has been designed for greater ease of maintenance, reduced downtime and, ultimately, an increase in production and product quality, says IMS Engineering’s Deon Visser.

The manufacture of sand is the ultimate crushing task in aggregate production since it entails the progressive crushing of large feed material, generally run-of-quarry, in various crushing reduction stages to sand. Hazemag sand impactors are suited to the task because of their ability to achieve a high reduction ratio in a single pass while delivering a quality cubical sand product in the -6.75 and -4.75mm size ranges. This high reduction ratio is achieved because the mechanical construction of the impactor, combined with the high-speed horizontal shaft rotor, generates high levels of kinetic energy that maximise breakage.”

The AP-KVH series retains this key Hazemag principle but takes operational efficiencies to a new level as a result of design changes, mainly to improve serviceability and reduce downtime,” says Visser. Thus the new impactor has two large service doors on each side of the crusher housing, providing easy access to the rotor and wear parts, while the blow bars are slid in from the side to permit quick and easy turning and replacement. The crusher housing is lined with easy-to-change wear plates and approximately 97% of the wear liners are interchangeable, for a reduction in spares holding.

Impact aprons are hydraulically controlled, so that crusher settings can be altered quickly and easily without the need to involve operating personnel with cumbersome hand tools. The AP-KVH impact crusher has a symmetrical design and the rotor can be operated in both directions. As wear on one edge of the blow bars progresses, a change in direction exposes a ‘new’ edge, ensuring sustained crushing efficiency, a uniform product granulation and, simultaneously, extending time between servicing intervals.

Rotors can be supplied with either two or four blow bars. Sand production uses two blow bars running at a high rotor tip speed, while four blow bars operating at a slower speed are used for fine or coarse chippings. An integrated vibrating feed system optimises feed distribution over the length of the rotor to ensure optimum comminution of feed material whilst maintaining even wear rates of blow bars and lowering blow bar wastage.

Safety systems include a robust mechanical key transfer system, which prevents unauthorised opening of the housing during operation and prevents start-up whilst work is being carried out on the open crusher.

Furthermore, use of Hazemag’s HAZtronic automatic control systems enables the machine to be linked with other regulating, control and visual monitoring systems. “This permits all operational features of the machine or plant to be monitored and controlled from the main control desk. During crusher operation, the gap settings and rotor tip speed can be adjusted to react to any changes in product requirements and are stored in the computer for reference at any time,” says Visser. The Hazemag AP-KVH sand impactor is available in three models with throughput capacities from 60 to 120 tons per hour. It is manufactured locally.

Hazemag horizontal shaft sand impactors have proven their mettle in the tertiary and quaternary crushing of a variety of materials including decomposed granite, dolomite, dolerite, basalt rock and quartzite for sand production. They have also been deployed successfully in the fine crushing of mineral ores such as chrome,” says Visser. “We believe the new AP-KVH series has the potential to unlock even greater efficiencies for our customers.”

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