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PACKAGING: The Shaft Solution


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WANT to send a shipment of fish to Spain, furniture to Johannesburg or truck engine blocks to Europe?

If so, once the deal is done your first stop should be a top-class professional packaging company. In the Cape that means Shaft Packaging, the company’s group director in the Cape, Garth Smith says.

Shaft offers a total packaging service, providing from stock or sometimes manufacturing to order whatever packaging the customer needs to move his goods from one place to another. The type of goods, the mode of travel, the length of the journey and the final destination are all important factors in how the goods should be packaged – but Smith is confident the company can cope with any requirement the customer cares to mention.

Shaft’s Cape Town branch employs 92  people, has 11 trucks on the road daily making deliveries, and has 11 reps calling on established and new customers to ensure that they are happy with the service, and all their requirements are being attended to.

Positive attitude, coupled with keen pricing and the maintenance of a high level of service accounts for the company’s remarkable success in recent years – that and a flair for innovation. For example, we introduced the shaftainer to the market, a strong and versatile bulk container and pallet, all in one,” Smith says.

“Whether you manufacture car engine, bicycles, crockery, clothing or collapsible swimming pools, the Shaftainer / tuftainers are supplied and stored flat, saving up to 70% on packaging space alone – yet they can be assembled by one man in one minute,” Smith says. “What’s more, they have the environmental edge on wooden crates, which are not welcome in the European Union and other Western countries, a critical  factor for exporters to bear in mind. Just one of the wrinkles we have picked up in our years of experience in the packaging industry.”

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