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MARKETING: New Technologies At Play


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Businesses must accommodate increasingly-popular social media networks as part of their customer services strategy in order to keep up with ever-evolving consumer trends - according to South Africa’s leading call centre and communications expert, Inter-Active Technologies.

In an age where consumers can relay their customer-service experience to millions of people around the globe via the internet within a matter of seconds, Inter-Active Technologies points out that it is more important than ever to embrace these platforms, rather than avoiding or ignoring them.

Inter-Active Technologies Western Cape business manager, Guillaume Pieterse, says: Customers will mention a bad experience far sooner than they would a good one. With communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter, a negative message can quickly be sent around the world for everyone to see, which can have a lasting and damaging effect on the company being criticised.”

Pieterse notes that a negative customer review can stay online for a number of years, and stresses the importance of using social media sites to offer feedback services. “Before making a decision, many prospective customers look at previous reviews, and negative ones will put them straight off. Organisations should therefore monitor the comments where possible and post responses that provide an insight into the issue that has been raised. This could soon become an entirely new vessel of communication,” he explains.

Inter-Active Technologies business development manager, Sandy Phillips, notes that while it is a major challenge for organisations that are directly caught up in the fastest-growing global communication channels without having any controls, it can be used to their advantage. Furthermore, Inter-Active Technologies already has the management tools required to optimally utilize these new channels, and can provide these tools through its various eGain software offerings – allowing for better control and enhanced service.

Using social networking or consumer review websites can be a great way to improve service, and even tap into trends and attitudes in order to stay ahead of the game, as this can give organisations a comprehensive view on reactions to launches of new products or services,” says Phillips. “We are finding that this channel is the one that is demanding that the organisations take a serious look at how they are managing and interpreting their channels, as consumers are not prepared to be put on hold on the phone or stand in a queue – which is why proactive marketing like this could have a profound impact on business, as it makes the customer feel special and valued.”

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