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MATERIALS HANDLING: Bamic Rolls Out The Roll Tainer


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FORWARD thinking distribution centres are now using the technique of loading roll-tainers with perishable food items for delivery to stores.

For a number of years these major retailers have been using the cage roll-tainer to deliver dry goods to stores. It is a simple solution whereby each store is supplied using a roll-tainer packed with their stock requirements. At the delivery point the roll-tainer is rolled off the truck into the receiving area where it can be unpacked at the store’s convenience. Empty roll-tainers are returned on the next delivery truck back to the distribution centre or supplier. Now this system is being applied to perishables.

An inside mounted thermally insulated cover fits snugly inside a roll-tainer. It is packed with perishable foods and wheeled into the freezer or chill room where it remains until it is time to be loaded into the refrigerated truck for delivery. Meanwhile the special insulation layer inside the cover absorbs the cold temperature of the freezer or chill room and maintains the products temperature.

Another benefit of using roll tainers with thermal covers for perishables is that ‘multi-temp’ loads can now be delivered on the same truck and neither frozen nor chilled products are compromised in any way. Huge cost savings are apparent by a single vehicle carrying mixed loads, according to Barbara Westcott of Bamic Enterprises.

Goods also remain insulated from external temperatures for several hours when off-loaded at the goods receiving area of the store and the shelf life of the goods is extended thereby improving stock turn and profitability.

Roll container covers are manufactured in Europe to EU specs and are imported into South Africa by Bamic Enterprises. MD Barbara Westcott enthused about the obvious benefits of this solution. “We believe that the time and costs saved using this method as well as the obvious improvements to the quality of goods delivered is where the future of cold chain maintenance in South Africa is headed.”

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