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POWER SUPPLY: Selco In Cape Town


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SELCO has recently made Cape Town’s Marine Industrial Electro Solutions one of their worldwide sales and service support outlets. This brings to the South African market a wide range of products like engine, generator controls, and affordable alarm systems which have all the standard communication protocols incorporated in one controller. Selco also has arc protection modules which are used in switchboards transformers load banks and any critical area where arc detection is required.

Selco has launched three new products within integrated generator control systems which provide customers with a reliable and energy efficient power supply system at competitive prices.

The new product line has been given the name FlexGen and has been released in three versions.

The three versions of FlexGen will be named FlexGen Basic, FlexGen Compact and FlexGen Advanced. The expansion of the current product line is taking place in order to offer an even better match between the customer’s unique requirements for engine and generator controls of terrestrial and marine based applications.

The new product line ensures a greater flexibility compared to the customers requirements. For a great number of customers this offers significant savings due to the fact that the broader range makes it possible to choose a product that to a greater extent matches specific requirements.

The three new products include the same basic functions such as auto-synchronizing, frequency control, load sharing, and reverse power protection, which are the functions contained in the basic model, FlexGen Basic. Then, in addition, the FlexGen Compact model contains reactive load sharing, voltage matching, grid-parallel control modes, and protection against excitation loss, Rocof, and vector shift. The most versatile model of the range is the FlexGen Advanced which also contains extended features like over current and short circuit protection, preferential load trip, and load depending start/stop.

The expansion in the product range also includes a new display with considerably better functionality and usability. The new display is user programmable and is supplied with a new spread sheet based configuration program.

Selco has for more than 25 years developed advanced and high-tech products within integrated generator systems. The C6200 GenCon-troller is one of the most advanced and demanded products in the market. This model has been developed with extended control functions and industrial bus interface making it suitable for integration in complex power management solutions.

In this respect, the FlexGen Advanced with its extended functions and interface options is directly replacing the C6200. Following the introduction of the C6200 many customers have however expressed outspoken needs for alternative models aiming at simpler applications, including less functionality, and being less expensive.

With the launch of the FlexGen product range Selco is providing a strong reply to those needs offering a powerful and cost effective solution covering a broader range of generator control applications.

The greatest advantage of the FlexGen system is that it can be incorporated into an existing electrical installation – there is no need for expensive transfer switches.


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