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VENTURES: AB Switchgear Opens In Cape Town


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INTERESTING changes are taking place at Cape Town based technology company Denco Automated. The company started in 1995 as a system integrator for industrial automation solutions. Over the years the company has grown to the point where today Denco Automated focuses on providing quality, cost effective solutions in the industrial automation and in the energy management sectors.

In 2007 Denco Automated decided to enhance its industrial automation offering and ventured into the electrical distribution market, focusing primarily on the distribution of Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley products. This decision was based on the fact that the company already had a substantial customer base and that it had gained very good product knowledge and expertise from its involvement in the system integrator business.

The distribution division of Denco Automated has grown considerably since 2007 to the point where it made sense to separate the business from Denco Automated and start AB Switchgear Distributors. There were a number of reasons for this decision, including the limited space at the current location, the different focus required for a distribution business versus that of a system integrator business and the physical location of the business.

AB Switchgear Distributors opened its doors in July this year. The new company is located in the Paarden Island area at the new Northgate Island. This allows for easy access to and from the N1, Koeberg Road and Section Street.

From the start the team behind AB Switchgear Distributors realized that the success of the business depend on the quality of the service it provides to its customers. To this end the company continues to increase its customer facing staff complement to ensure ‘Service Excellence Everyday’. Furthermore the company has identified the importance of knowledgeable employees and therefore has embarked on an ongoing learning and development programme which includes specific product knowledge training.

Another contributor to the success of AB Switchgear Distributors is the availability of product. The company’s new office at Northgate Island has also allowed for a huge increase in warehouse capacity. AB Switchgear Distributors has embarked on an extensive program, using sales history and assistance from Rockwell Automation to increase and expand its product offering to the market. This will be an ongoing process aimed at supplying and meeting the needs of the market place, the company says.

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