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CONSTRUCTION: Giant Roof On Parow Laboratory


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THE Forensic Science Laboratory now being built for the Department of Public Works in Plattekloof, Cape Town will have one of the largest expanses of roof of its kind in South Africa.

The 3 000 sq m roof, an area of 11 tennis courts, has been designed as a bowl-type structure and is being covered in Rheinzink titanium zinc.

The design requires that each of the Rheinzink sheets needs to be tapered to accommodate the shape of the roof, says Stephen Wilkinson, business manager of Rheinzink South Africa.

The panels are then fixed to the shutterply sub-roof with fixed and sliding clips by the roofing contractor, Rohde Roofing, to allow the roof to expand and contract according to the natural temperature changes of the day.”

Rain water will be gathered by a large gutter which is channelled to the storm water drainage by 10 downpipes sized to handle the volume of water gathered by the roof.”

The forensic science laboratory, designed by Forensic Laboratory Architects Consortium, is being built by LTA Grinaker and is due for completion in July 2011.

Rheinzink – an alloy consisting of 99.995% high purity zinc and precisely defined amounts of copper and titanium – is being increasingly used by the South African construction industry for roofing and cladding since it is highly corrosion resistant in inland as well as marine environments. It was chosen for the roofs and drainage systems of the apartments at Majestic Village in Kalk Bay, a winner in the refurbishments category of the 2008 Awards for Innovative Excellence in Property Development made by the SA Property Owners’ Association.

Wilkinson says that apart from blending into every architectural environment, Rheinzink carries a 30-year material guarantee.

It preserves its outstanding properties and appearance over a service life of 80-120 years, even in harsh marine environments, such as the corrosive conditions encountered, for instance, on the Namibian and Zululand coasts,” he says.

After a period of natural weathering, Rheinzink bright rolled material takes on a pleasant blue grey patina and needs no paint or any other surface protection – and thus no maintenance or cleaning.”

The formation of the patina, a protective layer of zinc carbonate, may occur within four months to three years depending on the aggressiveness of the environment. The colour composition of the patina formed, depends on the project’s location.”

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