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ENGINEERING: Robor Takes On Water Challenge


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WITH water problems plaguing the southern Cape, Robor recently introduced its piping solution range to the region’s water sector in an effort to find a cost-effective, long-term solution. Now represented in the Cape by regional manager Ockert Vermeulen, this complete pipe systems supplier is a major player in the water, mining and petrochemical sectors, offering innovative solutions for the conveyance of water, slurry, air, oil and gas.

In light of the skills shortage facing South African industries, Robor Pipe Systems has the expertise to offer advice to customers, as well as recommendations on easy-to-install solutions. A popular jointing system for water conveyance, the Klambon Groove Piping System offers a more flexible alternative to the older butt-welded or flanged type product, which requires a highly skilled labour force.

Klambon utilises a roll grooved pipe and cast coupling that provides a measure of deflection traditional products fail to provide. The actual installation process of the Klambon makes use of skilled but generally inexperienced contractors on site, who work in conjunction with labour provided by the community – fully trained by Robor.

Compared with traditional jointing systems, the Klambon system offers the benefits of speedy delivery, excellent pressure results, fast set-up – four times quicker than traditional methods, and simple installation by an unskilled, community based labour force.

As part of its product offering, the company provides bore sizes of 25NB to 1 200NB and combines steel piping with various coatings, linings and joints to deliver a longer product lifespan and higher pressure of up to 40 bar. Robor Pipe Systems also utilises corrosion protection, abrasion and cathodic protection, as well as additional products that add life and functionality to pipelines, such as the TOSA range.

This range consists of TOSAguard, a cementi-tious coating; TOSAtape, a series of products and shrink sleeve joint protectors; as well as TOSAwrap, Robor’s patented and proven external shrink wrap product that is uniquely self-healing to prevent corrosion and deterioration of the steel pipeline. Ideally suited to small bore steel pipelines used mainly in rural water supply, TOSAwrap exhibits high resistance to soil stress and external corrosion, offering cathodic protection.

Another Robor protection product is its basket of epoxy coatings that can be applied to new pipes and is ideal in the rehabilitation of existing pipelines. It is applied to both the inside and outside of the pipe and is also used to protect field joints. In addition to the traditional solvent-based epoxy coatings, Robor has added a range of solvent-free epoxies that offers a unique feature in that it is completely solid with no volatile organic carbons (VOCs), making it safe and environmentally friendly. It is non-tainting and can be used in the conveyance of potable water; it features the patented Novalac technology that makes it high-temperature, chemical and abrasion resistant.

The abrasion side of the company’s business has traditionally been focused on the mining industry through its Steel Polypipe product range. However, the need for a lining solution for new or rehabilitated raw water, sewer and main water lines has added an additional focus. The Steel Polypipe technology includes an HDPE liner that is inserted into the steel pipe which gives the benefit of the flow characteristics of the HDPE, as well as the strength of steel. This product can be installed in spool lengths from its factory or insitu lined in field to new and existing pipelines.


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