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INFOTECH:'s Expectation At 55% Growth


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Cape Town-based is demonstrating the incredible potential of online sales in South Africa by realising monthly growth of 55% on its new consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace for new and used products. 

The new and used platform was launched as part of the website in February this year.  It already boasts more than 500 000 products for sale and the company expects this number to double by the end of the year.  The launch categories include books, CDs, DVDs and games.

Books, CDs, DVDs and games remain the most popular online purchases for South Africans, probably because they are low-cost items that people have become used to buying online.  Also, people trust the credible websites that they purchase these on, like  The launch of our marketplace allows online users to sell their new or used products on a platform that has an enormous database of existing customers and that is safe and easy to use. We are really excited about the massive growth that we’ve seen since the launch in February,” says Gary Novitzkas, general manager for 

According to MasterCard Worldwide’s survey of Online Shopping Habits, 77% of South Africans who have access to the Internet are shopping online and have done so in the past 3 months.  49% of South Africans bought CDs and DVDs online, beating the purchase of online airline tickets (44%). believes that the trading platform, which lists both used and new products, will provide South Africans with an exciting way to earn extra money, which is especially important in the current economic climate, and speaks to South Africa’s natural entrepreneurial spirit. 

Not only is offering individuals and companies a fun and almost addictive way to dispose of their unwanted novels, textbooks, cookbooks, CDs, DVDs and games as a way to make extra cash, but it has also created the enterprise tools that allow companies to upload their entire inventory.  This means that a little book shop in the Karoo is no longer hampered by its location and a high-street shop is now able to launch an instant out-of-the-box internet offering.

It is the perfect solution for creating a successful online business, especially since we already have the customers and their trust,” continues Novitzkas. has made the upload process really simple.  Sellers register and their banking details are verified.  Once this step is complete, they upload their products by entering the name of the book, DVD, CD or game or by entering the ISBN number on the product.  The system searches for the product and once found, the seller nominates a price that he or she would like to sell the item for, as well as the delivery method (courier or postal service). Once uploaded, the item is automatically live on the website. 

A buyer browsing has the option of buying a new item or a new or used item from registered sellers on’s new marketplace.  If the buyer selects the used item, the money paid by the buyer is held in’s escrow account until the buyer confirms receipt of the purchase.  Once this is done, the money is paid directly into the sellers bank account. 

What makes’s marketplace different is that it holds the buyers funds in an escrow account until the buyer received the product and confirms that it is in the condition that the seller advertised. Unlike other websites, once a product is purchased it is automatically removed from the website, which means that the only products that customers see are those which are actively available.

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