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INFRASTRUCTURE: Potable Water For Remote Areas


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THE provision of sufficient, potable water in Africa is becoming ever more challenging. And this is no more so than in the case of far-flung, scattered, remote or peri-urban communities that are often overlooked in terms of this essential provision.

Ideal for use in such locations are Intaka Tech Water Purification Plants (WPP), manufactured and marketed by Cape Town-based Intaka Tech, which can be supplied to even the most distant locations within short delivery and installation timeframes.

In South Africa, Intaka Tech is currently working in conjunction with civil consulting engineers and government on ongoing projects to accelerate service delivery, in particular with regard to the sustainable provision of water services no matter how remote the location.

Our aim is to where-ever possible work in partnership with civil consulting engineers, who are aiming to support government with the roll-out of essential services to South Africa’s people, says Rodrigo Savoi, chief executive officer of Intaka Tech.

The civil engineering industry has the ability to meet the technical challenges that will be presented. Both this industry and Government recognize the need to invest in new infrastructure and adequately maintain existing infrastructure. They are focusing on projects that are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable, and are striving for example to meet the needs of municipalities for material resources, plant and equipment, Savoi says.

To date, just over 100 WPPs are located in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. Intaka Tech has supplied 20 of its WPPs, each of which can produce up to 50 000 litres of potable drinking water per hour, to various district municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal, for example. Phase three of the 20 installations is currently being carried out. The projects are largely being overseen by Inqubeko Consulting Engineers to ensure that the ancillary services and works across the various installation sites are completed, in order that delivery and installation of Intaka Tech’s WPPs can take place. Potable water supply is almost immediate thereafter.

The Intaka Tech WPPs are suitable for operation at rural municipalities and communities where bulk infrastructure is not in place or where the current water sources are not sufficient to warrant larger schemes. It is here where Intaka Tech can be of assistance to those consulting firms that require small to medium scale water purification technologies for such locations. Intaka Tech’s purification equipment is ideal for such locations due to the short implementation timeframes which however do not compromise product quality, and can be part of the overall engineering solution by providing potable water equipment to this particular sector,” according to Savoi.

As the Intaka Tech WPPs can easily be transported and transferred they are the ideal intermediate solution where no bulk water supply exists or where such systems are under pressure to deliver. An installation illustrating how the WPPs can be easily transported and transferred is that of ten Intaka Tech WPPs, which were installed at various hospitals throughout the Northern Cape. They have now served their purpose and are ready to be relocated to other facilities where they are needed.

The degree of mobility of the Intaka Tech WPPs allows them to be operational within six days once the plants have been delivered.

All Intaka Tech WPPs are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and does not damage or degrade the environment. The WPPs are also energy efficient, making them ideal for applications in South Africa, which is under pressure in terms of electrical supply provision.

Intaka Tech is an ISO 9001 registered company, and the water produced by the WPP complies with the WHO guidelines for drinking water and SANS 241:2006.

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