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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Temperature Control Reduces Wastage


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FLUCTUATIONS in the weather can cause havoc with environments where temperature and humidity control is a major issue.

Spoilage of food, pharmaceutical or other temperature sensitive products because of unwanted exposure to excessive heat or humidity is costly and a major inconvenience to the market.

While traffic in and out of these areas is a given, the manner in which access is handled can make a major difference to the bottom line,” Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains, says.

Apex Strip Curtains has spent the past 27 years researching, engineering, manufacturing and perfecting a range of products that can significantly aid the control of ambient temperature in production, processing and packaging facilities as well as in grocery stores.

The patented Balledge design on the company’s general strip curtains allows for optimum sealing and temperature control while ensuring that the individual strips do not snag or scratch goods and people moving through the opening. This feature also strengthens the strips, ensuring a longer life, even in the harshest applications.

The carefully engineered and formulated PVC material used for the strip curtains is durable and even over time remains flexible and transparent for complete visibility from both sides,” Dessing says.

The Apex strip curtaining system can be retrofitted or used in greenfields installations. Because these curtains are available on a metre by metre basis, costs can be readily contained and suited to the customer’s budget.

Like all the Apex products its doors are tailor made to customer specifications and come in various permutations. In all instances, hygiene is top of mind and the surface of the doors provides an easy to clean environment while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing.

The Apex high speed roll-up and fold-up doors provide unhindered access for personnel, forklift or vehicular traffic and, depending on the actual operation, can be either automatically or manually controlled.

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