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MARKETING: 'Green Point Stadium' Is Cape Town Stadium


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Some confusion has arisen regarding the name of the Cape Town Stadium, as some still call it the Green Point Stadium. The City says it would like to remind the public that the stadium’s official name is the Cape Town Stadium, as approved by Council last year.

The reference to Green Point Stadium is incorrect.

The Green Point Stadium was always just a ‘working title’ given to the new stadium to be used until an official name had been chosen. Green Point Stadium is not an official name and merely refers to the location of the stadium on the Green Point Common. The old Green Point Stadium, which has largely been demolished, was known by this name over many decades because of its location.

The City undertook an extensive naming process for its new stadium in June last year. Residents were given 30 days to send the City their suggestions, after which a panel consisting of both City staff and external experts, judged the entries. A total of 302 name proposals were received.

The majority of the panel voted for the name Cape Town Stadium, which the City proposed. The name was officially approved at a full Council meeting in October.

Reasons for choosing the name Cape Town Stadium include:

·         Cape Town’ is already a strong and established international brand that is used by several organizations and companies. Naming the stadium ‘Cape Town Stadium’, the City can capitalize on this already strong and well-known brand and the stadium will also further enrich the Cape Town brand.

·         The name ‘Cape Town Stadium’ is an inclusive name for all residents of the city. Naming it after its location, namely Green Point, would not enforce the notion of the stadium being a facility for all city residents;

·         The use of cultural, personal of heritage names such as in other Host Cities, could be controversial and could divide, rather than unite residents. It could also negatively impact the sale of commercial rights for the stadium;

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