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ENGINEERING: ITT Cape Expands Its Operations


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ITT Water & Wastewater has completed the refurbishment of its new facility in Airport Industria, Cape Town.

Branch manager Alfred Fincham says the previous rented premi-ses in Montague Gardens was too small to allow for the expansion of ITT Water & Wastewater’s service offering in the Western Cape. “This prompted the decision to move to larger premises which we refurbished before taking occupation.

In spite of a very clear downturn in the industry, we have nevertheless increased the revenue by over 30% since moving into these new facilities in March 2009,” he adds.

The 600 sq m facility, double the size of the previous building inha-bited by ITT Water & Wastewater, allows the company to maintain a larger stockholding of both product and parts. “This is important as we count our customer service level and accessibility to the most popular pumps and components as an essential part of our marketing offering,” Fincham says.

ITT Water & Wastewater’s Cape Town branch serves a wide range of industries in the Western and Eastern Cape including winemaking, food processing, packaging, petrochemical, marine, chandlery, waste and water treatment plants, and farming.

Fincham says that although many of the products sold by the company are the same as those sold by other ITT Water & Wastewater branches, there are some ranges which are endemic to the Western Cape. These include a range of diesel flowmeters available only from this branch, the Wilden double diaphragm pumps which are popular with a number of its customers, and the Roper gear pumps which are used in the petrochemical industry.

In addition to the Wilden pumps, Fincham says the ITT Flygt 3000 Series submersible pumps are the biggest sellers in the local market. “This new range offers the flexibility of being able to handle many different kinds of media. It requires minimal infrastructure to support it, and in many applications the pump can be installed in an existing sump. The motor and pump are integrated in one compact unit therefore no coupling is needed to align the pump.”

A number of diesel flowmeters, ITT Flygt aerators and Flygt 3000 series pumps have been sold into the winemaking industry,” Fincham says. “Each wine cellar operates in a different manner and their require-ments in terms of our products differ, but in general they use the aerators to bring the water used for processing back into a reusable state.”

Fincham explains that with the constant drive to conserve water, the wineries are attempting to reduce the amount of water used in the process from 6 to 7 litres (per one litre of wine) down to 2 to 3 litres of water. “Once the water used in the process has been aerated to improve its quality, it can be recycled by using it to irrigate crops.”

Other agricultural industries which make use of ITT Water & Wastewater’s products include the dairy, cattle and sheep farming frater-nities, who have made extensive use of the diesel flowmeter range to economise on diesel usage and wastage. “There has been a huge demand for rental pumps and we have appointed a salesperson to handle the rental side of our business,” Fincham says. Significantly, three of the company’s 54 kW rental units will be used during the World Cup at Greenpoint pump station.

Fincham points out that not only is the new facility ideal for providing customers with excellent service, but it is in a more accessible location. “We are also very close to the airport which makes a lot of sense from a logistical viewpoint and our customers were enthusiastic about our move. We have built up strong relationships with our customers who have come to rely on our product ranges.”

The new facility has been staffed with additional people to further improve the customer service experience. “The added benefit of a stockholding capacity that has increased, means that turnaround time is exponentially faster and we are better able to cater to the needs of our customers with quality, well-supported pumps,” Fincham says.

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