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MARKETING: City Limits Large 2010 Events


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The City of Cape Town is telling event organisers that any further applications for large events during the World Cup period may not be granted.

In order to host the biggest single sporting event in the world, the Host City must run smoothly. All other available municipal, transport and security services have to ensure the event is staged safely and effectively,” explained Pieter Cronje, the City’s 2010 Spokesperson.

It is for this reason that the Host City Agreement, signed between FIFA and South African host cities, restricts any other major events. The City and the South African Police Services(SAPS) have considered and approved a number of events that will enhance the World Cup experience in Cape Town, but in light of the demands on resources it is unlikely that any further applications will be accepted.

The City is obligated to maintain an acceptable level of ‘normal’ service delivery to residents throughout the 2010 World Cup period. Furthermore, if there are several large events happening concurrently or in close succession, the SAPS may advise against holding some of the proposed events.

The City’s Events By-law applies to any event held within the area of jurisdiction of the City, including events held on both private and public land that impact on the resources of the City and the surrounding community. This By-Law does not apply to:

·         Events of fewer than 50 persons where there is no amplified sound or temporary structures erected; and

·         Small events such as family and community events held on private property or purpose built venues, subject to any other legislation. This exclusion does not apply to events or parts of events which by their nature, size or impact are considered outside the normal use parameters for the venue.

Anyone who wishes to organise a public event must apply to the City’s Events and Permitting Office on the prescribed form with full details of location, facilities, times, numbers, road access and closures and other information requested. The event cannot proceed without a permit. This requirement serves to ensure the safety of those attending, avoid disruption and limit inconvenience to surrounding areas.

Following an application, various aspects of the event are checked, including fire escapes and hazards, impact on traffic, health requirements, noise restrictions and the safety of any temporary structures. Public safety and security is an important consideration at events. The SAPS have to be advised and become involved in any significant event, together with the City’s Metro Police, Traffic Services and Law Enforcement. In addition, other municipal services may be required e.g. the supply of electricity, water and sanitation for the event and waste removal. Once all of these requirements have been met, a permit is issued.

Event organisers who do not apply for a permit, proceed with the event before it is granted, or deviate from their event plan run the risk of incidents which could lead to damage, injuries or even death. In cases where the events are non-compliant, organisers will be held accountable and could face legal action.

The event footprint for the hosting of the World Cup is far greater than just the Cape Town Stadium and its precinct. It includes the airport; main transport routes; key hotels for teams, officials and dignitaries; training grounds; the Fan Fest at the Grand Parade; the Fan Walk to the stadium; and the four fan jols(Public Viewing Areas), all funded by the City for free viewing and entertainment for residents and visitors to Cape Town.

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