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ENGINEERING: Interesting Boreline Solution


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WHEN Petro SA’s oil rig, the Orca, docked in Cape Town harbour some time back for a major refurbishment expected to last in excess of four months, the managers Pride Foramer had to look carefully at the costs involved in such a long stay.

The supply of water to the rig was one area they looked at. As the rig was now floating the pumps installed to supply the generators with cooling water and for the ablutions were also above the water line. The oil rig was hooked up into the mains water supply, but this was costly and wasteful as 75% of the water was just exhausted.

This was when Denorco, now Franklin Electric came up with a solution - which was to hang a submersible pump down the centre pit directly into the sea water below. The easiest and safest solution, they felt, was to use Boreline, a flexible riser developed and manufactured by Cape Town based company Hose Manufacturers.

The Boreline was connected directly into the main manifold, fed through the engine room, guided around railings, fed over a roller into the pit and down into the sea below with the pump connected. All relatively easy with the strong, flexible Boreline hose.

Boreline, says Hose Manufacturers managing director Peter Bauer, is a flexible rising main constructed using high-tenacity yarns and polyurethane to produce a product of exceptional strength and durability.

It has been specially designed to replace steel risers presently being used with submersible borehole pumps - which are subject to rust and scaling, especially in aggressive water conditions.

Due to its synthetic construction,” Bauer says, “Boreline is completely inert to rust, and due to its flexibility no internal scaling can take place. It is widely used in the mining industry, by industrial companies, environmental companies, water utilities and contractors throughout South Africa, the rest of Africa, and in Europe and the United States.

It is also extensively used in the oil industry in the Middle East. After all, some 70% of what is extracted from oil fields is actually water, hence the value of using Boreline.”

Applications where Boreline is regularly used include ground-water extraction, yield testing, groundwater recharge, salt water barriers, borehole reha-bilitation and emergency standby dewatering.

Boreline comes in continuous lengths of up to 300m, and has tremendous tensile strength.

It is easy to install and retrieve, easy to store, transport and handle, and has low friction loss. It is not subject to microbiological attack, and is potable water approv-ed.

It has WRAS and NSF ANSI 61 drinking water approved. And it has long life expectancy, hence its 5-year warranty.

About 50% of Hose Manufacturers’ product range is exported throughout the world. In the case of Boreline the percentage rises to some 80%, which makes a very welcome contribution to this country’s foreign exchange earnings.

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