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POWER SOLUTIONS: Air Auditing Is Essential


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AIR compressors are a major consumer of power in most factories, therefore the ability to identify the air volumes used by the plant as well as the air wasted by system leakage is crucial. Energy costs are set to grow at 30% p.a. for the next three years, so engineering staff are now demanding more information on the compressed air consumption of their plants.

Artic Driers which already has comprehensive auditing equipment, has now been enhanced further with the acquisition of a sophisticated DSM8 data logger. This can be attached to 8 points on any brand of compressed air dryer providing track ability of air dryer performance. This system tracks the reactions of a dryer over long periods and is ideal for air system and dryer performance and problem analysis, the company says.

When used in conjunction with the DS300 mobile air monitoring system it provides a unique and total overview of a dryers refrigeration circuit as well as the air systems performance.

Using a DS300 mobile system the total air loss is easily identified, ultrasonic leak detectors then locate the leaks quickly and repairs are completed.

With the ability to log up to one million bites of information, this is downloaded and displayed on multi axis graphs for presentation and evaluation. The ability to hot tap into air pipes to gain quick access eliminates the need for factory downtime.

The DS300 system is also used to gauge air compressor performance and for identifying air consumption rates for departments within a factory. With accurate information the cost of compressed air consumption as well as maintenance costs can be allocated to cost centers within the factory making operational staff more accountable for air usage and wastage

For large systems, a fixed instrument package can be installed to provided a monitoring system that tracks the air system performance 24/7.

The cost of a compressed air audit is not expensive when compared to the cost of sub-standard compressed air treatment and compressed air wastage. The ROI is counted in days not months, the company claims.

Artic Driers International is the African distributor for the full range of air treatment products manufactured by SPX Dehydration of South Korea, BEA Technology filtration products. CS Instruments compressed air for monitoring equipment for professionals. Sepura oily water condensate separators and Allied Witan silencers and mufflers.

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