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INFOTECH: Orley Gets Right ERP Ingredients


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OVER the past 40 years, Cape Town-based Orley Foods has produced a comprehensive range of quality ingredients for the South African food industry. The company specialises in the manufacture and distribution of products, as well as providing solutions services to businesses in the food industry.

The previous ERP system employed at Orley Foods did not properly cater for the manufacturing process, but the upgrading of the existing system was not an option. The company therefore developed stringent selection criteria for selecting a new ERP system, before finally deciding to implement the Syspro ERP system. According to Fiona Byrns, Orley’s project manager on the implementation, the costs and lack of support locally were the biggest inhibitors to upgrading the existing system.

The ERP system Orley had in place was unique in South Africa, and it was extremely difficult to find companies that understood the technology, much less support it. For this reason, one of the main criteria for Orley’s new ERP system was that it should be available locally through multiple companies, and that it could be easily supported,” she says. EOH’s Impact Africa business unit was selected as the implementation partner. Supporting in excess of 800 companies running Syspro nationally, EOH Impact Africa has over 120 consultants nationally, making them one of Syspro’s leading distributors.

Other selection criteria included a complete supply chain solution, strong manufacturing capabilities, audit tracking throughout the system, close integration with SCADA systems, local support, minimal need for customisations, as well as integration of currently bespoke systems.

With the implementation of the ERP system, Orley Foods has achieved detailed control over its manufacturing processes, expenses, and routings. “Syspro provides cost centres against which allocations for overhead costs, labour as well as material usage can be done,” explains Byrns. “It is also able to close works orders/jobs and account for a variety of by-products, and the system allows Orley to have dashboard real-time information with reference to progress and completion of jobs.”

This system has the ability to cater for our environment,” adds Andrew Janik, CEO of Orley Foods. “The integration with our factory automation system has also enabled us to have access to performance data, and we are planning the addition of scheduling as the next phase of the project. Once this has been completed, we will have a fully integrate scheduling system which will allow us to use the live data to plan procurement.”

The ERP system has provided Orley with the ability to generate development bills of material, allowing costings and version scenarios. All what-if costings and estimates, as well as actual costings, are being done within the system, allowing for greater accuracy.

A future phase is the implementation of a fully integrated Engineering Change Control system, which will be used and controlled by new product development to ensure all changes are tracked and approved,” says Janik. “We will also be implementing batch card and label generation information to replace the current systems.” The system has also increased information availability at order taking, with stock availability and backorder status now all available on one screen.

The change management aspects – making people feel comfortable with the new, with the initial discomfort of something new, something different, was a challenge, but everyone in the company is seeing the benefits of the new system,” says Lynda Benn, director EOH Impact Africa.

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