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INFOTECH: Top Cape-Based SMEs Ready To Roll


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The most innovative, strategic SMEs are already showing a readiness to push the envelope with advanced managed IT concepts, according to Chris Welham, director of Western Cape’s leading IT service provider for SMEs.

They are willing to invest, plan and strategise properly, and they are interested in efficiencies. They will lead, and the rest of the market will follow their example,” says Welham.

Space Age Technologies launched its Virtual CIO and Virtual Network Administrator services this month, in a first for the Western Cape region.

Chris Welham, Space Age Technologies’ director, says the firm’s customers already benefit from top-flight ‘managed’ (outsourced) IT services, but their tech consumption will reach a next level of sophistication with the pioneering new concepts, to be offered together under the SATAssure brand.

The VCIO gives strategic input into the design and delivery of a business’s IT, while a VNA manages the day-to-day health of an SME’s IT setup,” Welham says. “This means they can focus on their own business whilst being assured of enterprise-class IT that both supports their business goals and delivers a quality experience.”

But is this any different from earlier versions of the firm’s managed IT offering? Welham says VCIO and VNA give SMEs a whole new dimension of strategic control over their IT (as opposed to physical control over on-site equipment, or operational control by a service provider).

SMEs traditionally thought of IT as a cost, not a strategic advantage. They tend to purchase low-cost platforms with terrible drawbacks, including loss of productivity due to under-specified hardware or management involvement in unreliable infrastructure, downtime due to insufficient security, and data loss due to ineffective backup.”

Having seen a shift away from cost-centric purchasing in the market, Welham says the time is ripe for VCIO and VNA. “More business owners understand that IT is crucial to their business, and so they demand a good, enterprise-class service from it. There is room for talking to a business like that on a strategic level, that is, for a VCIO to come in and demystify the value of IT.”

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