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FOOD & BEVERAGES: SACD Freight's New Facilities


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Last month SACD Freight, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group, and for long a leading player nationally in the field of supply chain and logistics, opened its new R160 million state-of-the-art food grade warehouse only 800m from the Port of Cape Town.

The warehouse boasts 20 000 sq m of storage space specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the liquor, wine, beverage and dry food industries, which it has served for many years. There will also be an area of 6 000 sq m dedicated to the receipt and quick despatch of imports.

In addition to the warehouse, a 500 sq m reworks operation is also on offer, where the exporter can do basic changes, from labelling to converting packing configurations

The total of 26 000 sq m of warehouse space amounts to an increased capacity of some 40% over its previous 15 000 sq m facility in the same area - now to be demolished and put to other uses by the Port of Cape Town.

SACD Freight realised some time ago that its existing 15 000 sq m facility was being stretched to the limit, says marketing manager Johan Dobies, - and a larger facility was the obvious answer. So the company went ahead, an ideally situated 8 hectares site was secured in Paarden Eiland, and the new facility with many modern features was designed. Construction began in March last year.

The new facility was expensive, of course, but clients and intending clients need not be concerned that it is going to mean higher prices,” says Dobies. “Not so. Apart from an annual increase of 8%, which will apply more or less throughout industry, our prices remain the same. The increased throughput at the new facility enables us to hold prices down - and we are proud of that.”

With 40% more space to fill, SACD Freight might have expected a flat period before the new facility reached its full potential. But again, not so. Before the facility is even open, enquiries have been pouring in, and the future looks exciting.

SACD’s main business has been the handling of wine, food, fish, beneficiated products, juices and beverages for export. SACD sends containers to the client’s packing areas, and the client packs his goods which are then taken to SACD’s storage facility and consolidated prior to shipping off to destinations in various parts of the world.

If a product is for export, it makes obvious sense to get it close to the port at once. Few wine producers, for example, have warehousing facilities and have no need to build and maintain them when their main business is the making, rather than the storing, of wine. SACD Freight provides the necessary high standard of storage at the ideal place for quick handling of the export when the time comes. The company also handles all clearing and forwarding formalities for its clients.

SACD Freight has spent the last two years developing a unique real time online information system with a 99% stock accuracy record. The information is real time and available to the customer, giving accurate stock movement data,

The main features of the warehouse are:

25 undercover off-loading bays for interlink trucks serviced by double hander forklifts, which will considerably speed up the turnaround time of trucks

Racking 7 stories high, each individually numbered

Undercover parking for 70 containers at a time.

Benefits and advantages:

Pack closer to port stack closing times

Availability of shipping line containers on site (cost saving)

Bulk transport into facility close to port (full truck utilisation generating cost saving) as against empty container out of town for packing and returned full

Real time IT stock movement report.

SACD already has an impressive range of high profile customers who bear testimony to the efficiency of their service. These include Tiger Brands, Langeberg and Ashton canneries, Delmonte Fruit, SA Dried Fruit (a division of the Pioneer Group), 100% of Coca-Cola’s business from Cape Town, 100% of Bevcan’s business (a division of Nampak), and 100% of the Spier Group’s business. Other major suppliers are among companies ‘poised to sign up’ for the new facility.

We are very excited about what our new facility can offer, as the services and systems have been tested over the past two years with excellent results,” says Dobies. “We see ourselves not only as a consolidation and packing facility, but are also in the information business, offering the exporter real time information from arrival of the product until the packed container leaves our facility to be exported.”

The importer anywhere in the world will eventually have access through the system to determine whether his product has arrived at SACD Freight for packing,” he says.

The new warehouse has been racked to accommodate 18 800 pallets, using narrow aisles and advanced forklift trucks to maximise warehouse utilisation.

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