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FOOD & BEVERAGES: Approved PU Floors For Food Sector


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ONE of Serco’s latest offerings on its truck bodies and trailers is a high wear polyurethane (PU) floor coating.

The PU coating is applied in liquid form and is fully self-levelling resulting in a level, high wear resistant floor with a low rolling resistance that also meets the demand for a low noise surface – ideally suited for pallet and roll containers.

Approved for food transport, the PU floor is also resistant to chemical products.

The floor coating is combined with an anti-slip layer. This layer is created by coarse grit being added to the PU resulting in an even higher wear resistant floor.

Samples sent for testing were exposed to 1 000 cycles with a steel roller wheel with a load of one kilogram.

Results showed that the PU floor with the anti-slip layer outperformed the standard floor by a factor of 6.

This is a substantial factor, especially considering that the floor is an area that is required to withstand a high level of wear from pallet jacks and trolleys during loading and offloading. Wear and tear and abuse damage contribute to downtime and if this critical area is able to withstand a substantially higher level of traffic, then the fleet owner will improve their bottom line and extend the life of their vehicle bodies.

Serco has supplied the new floor coating to several leading logistics fleets including Tanzertrans and Spar over the past year, for both refrigerated and dry freight vehicles.

Serco MD, Clinton Holcroft says, “Feedback has indicated the performance of the material is impressive and interest is growing as operators try the product out for themselves.”

Serco’s polyurethane floor offers durable adhesion on wood and polyester.

It is wear resistant, liquid proof, easy to clean and solvent free, Holcroft says.

Serco has also recently introduced a unique new high strength aluminium floor for refrigerated vehicles.”

The aluminium floor sheeting is bonded onto the floor using a vacuum process to ensure a strong an even adhesion to the composite floor construction.

The top surface is flat and ideal for forklift loading.

The ‘rice grain pattern’ anti slip finish is easy to clean which is ideal for vehicles dedicated for food transport.

The sidewalls are protected with a full length high grade aluminium profile which comes in a 300mm high or 450mm high profile.

The side scuff is welded to the aluminium flooring to provide maximum protection to the lower side walls which are subject to pallet and forklift impact.

The floor surface is designed for low noise emission, particularly when running forklifts and pallet jacks, in comparison to a conventional tread plate or a high grit finish, at only 73.6dB, which makes it an advantage for vehicles loading and unloading in built up areas.

The high grade aluminium used also results in a weight saving over the current aluminium reefer floorings available.”

With these new unique floor offerings we are able to offer fleet owners solutions that improve the strength and extend the life of their vehicle bodies,” says Holcroft.

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