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ENGINEERING: Safety Equipment for Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance


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Becker Engineering’s range of work apparel includes dependable personal protection equipment designed for enhanced safety during industrial cleaning procedures.

 “In order to offer safety and quality guarantees demanded by world authorities, this extensive range of fall arrest equipment meets stringent international standards,” says Charlotte Megannon, product manager for Becker Engineering, part of the Becker Group of Companies. “Becker Engineering helps companies identify fall hazards and to understand the process of risk assessment management. We offer practical solutions on how to reduce risk and increase efficiency and the legal implications regarding safety at height in the work environment.

“The company is familiar with the legal requirements of worker safety and is especially knowledgeable regarding the design, correct use, appropriate supervision and maintenance of personal protection equipment.”

Becker Engineering’s range of safety equipment, which is designed to save lives, must be selected, used, maintained and stored by skilled and trained personnel. This equipment consists of temporary individual systems that allow people to move and work without restraint, with adequate protection to avoid the worst effects of falling. Protection is provided by attaching the person to a structure by means of a device that allows movement in vertical and horizontal directions in extensive and localised areas.

This range includes belts, harnesses, lanyards with shock absorbers, fall protection systems and a horizontal travelling lifeline system, as well as anchoring and descender devices. The latest system, which includes new parachute type safety harnesses, offers more protection than just a safety belt. These are individual polyethelene harnesses, with stainless steel buckles and rectangular or carabiner belt fastening and are available with a back anchor point, a back and chest anchor point and a back, chest and abdominal anchor point. Here are some important guidelines for Becker Engineering’s range of work apparel used during industrial cleaning procedures: •        Personal protection equipment is compulsory for any work undertaken at any height over 3m. •        Safety belts are not authorised for use to protect against the risks of falling. They may only be           used for keeping the worker in position.•        Safety belts must offer a system of attachment at the front in the form of two buckles, to which an           adjustable line can be fastened.•        A lanyard must be equipped with a shock absorber to allow the effect of the fall to be absorbed           by limiting the deceleration of the user to a level that is not harmful. (ie less than 6 kN)•        An adjustable sling should be used for maintenance only as there is no dynamic stress from falling•        The user should know the clearance height and be aware of the dangers of contact with the ground or the structure. •        If equipment has experienced a fall, it should never be re-used without re-examination by a professional.•        Fall protection lanyard should never be anchored onto scaffolding, but rather to the structure. Tests prove that scaffolding can collapse under the shock of a fall. •          Descender devices are not designed for fall protection, but for evacuation from height.

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